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trombones from STOMVI The trombones from STOMVI, of the new generation Titán Jazz with a bell diameter of 203mm, are available with different bell materials: Bellflex, Goldbrass or Copper. The tubes of these intruments have a diameter of 12.7mm.

In our online shop "Instrumentos de Viento Online" you can also find the trombones from BRASSEGO with or without the option SINGING BELL: the models are FOKUS, DELTA, VIVACE, FORTUNA and many more.


trumpets from BRASSEGO The trumpets from STOMVI include the series: Elite, Master and Titan.

you can also buy the famous trumpets from BRASSEGO: Cat, Tiger-Tail, L.A., Dizzy and Miles as well as the trumpets from SPIRI with its models VARIO.

All these models of trumpets you can buy in our online shop Instrumentos de Viento Online.

Buy your new wind instrument at our shop "Instrumentos de Viento Online"

klarinette PARIS von TREEPUR bei boquilla de trombones de STOMVI In our online shop you will find (apart from musical instruments) also accessories for wind musicians.

Mouthpieces for woodwind and brass instruments from the manufacturers Theo Wanne, Redy Play, Spiri, Stomvi, and Josef Klier. You will find the synthetic reeds from FIBERREED. And, of course, we have cases and bags for your wind instruments available at Instrumentos de Viento Online

Don't hesitate! Come in into our online shop for wind musicians!!

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tuba de NARTISS Within the family of wind instruments we offer the following musical instruments: trumpets, trombones, horns, tubas, saxophones, clarinets, and flutes. Please remember: You can buy in our shop woodwind instruments as well as brass instruments.

We have great brands at the online shop "Instrumentos de Viento Online.

Mouthpieces for saxophone from Theo Wanne, one of the best offers on the music instrument market with respect to quality. They produce a harmony rich sound in all the registers. The mouthpieces for trumpet from SPIRI are not only beautiful designed with their ring structure, but also produce a compex sound pattern paired with their easy response. The mouthpieces from Stomvi are available as one piece, two piece or three piece mouthpieces, are producing a high quality of sound while they have an easy response. Don't forget our famous mouthpieces from Josef Klier (JK) which are available for all the brass instruments.
Search and find your next wind instrument in our shop! The online shop is open 24h/7 days.

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boquilla de myvibs disponible en Instrumentos de viento online lip trainer ENIS and ENDI available at Instrumentos de Viento Online In the shop "Instrumentos de Viento Online" you will find a great variety of accessories for training, relaxation and vibration for wind musicians, like for example ENDI, ENIS, PUEDO, myVIBS from 4i-Tech.
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The voices of our clients:

Marco Caballero: I am very satisfied with my purchase of the tenor trombone FOKUS from BRASSEGO. I have selected the Singing Bell treatment, and the difference of the sound compared to my previous trombone is fantastic and makes me happy.
Ana M. Quirón: The clarinet model PARIS with the Boehm system is made of excellent grenada wood and the keys are adapted very good to my hands. I have bought the instrument in the online shop "Instrumentos de Viento Online" and I am very satisfied with the service of the shop.
Carles Armengol: In order to strengthen my embouchure I have bought at "Instrumentos de Viento Online" an ENDI and an ENIS. To my surprise, I did receive also a SEPA gratis! With this package, I'm well equipped for my lip training.
Ronaldo Rodrigues: I have hesitated for a long time to decide for my new saxo ROUGH LADY from BRASSEGO. But now, I know that it was an excellent decision. With my Jazz formation I can integrate perfectly with this instrument.

Why are you still waiting?

At the Online Shop Instrumentos de Viento Online, we advice you and help you with the selection of your new instrument, be it a woodwind or a brass instrument!
You are welcome to visit our online shop for wind instruments - come and realize your dream!

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